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To use this library, simply download the managed solution. Install it in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Organization. Add the library to entities BPF is enabled for and you want to use the library.
Inside your Form Library use either:

- eXC.BPFHelpers._UIControl(attr, methodname, foeach, arg1, arg2);

- eXC.BPFHelpers._expandBPF();

- eXC.BPFHelpers._collapseBPF()

- eXC.BPFHelpers._preFilterLookupFetchXml(fl,sl, fetchXML)

- eXC.BPFHelpers._preFilterLookupFilter(fl, sl, ftype, cattr, op)

++++ This code might contain "unsupported" code regarding the SDK documentation. Use on your own risk ++++

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